MyNBN is the current NBN SaaS platform offering a solution to host and manage your standards collection in a self-servicing manner.

This is done through a subscription license where you as customer decide which standards to include in your collection. These standards then will be auto-updated, available in all available languages and manageable both for you as administrator as well as end-user, including personal notifications.

Your endusers can request additional standards without interaction of NBN. Collections are either horizontal (customer specific) or vertical (sector specific) organized.

  • Auto-updates
  • Multi-user access
  • Reading Room
  • All available languages
  • Self servicing portal

Your myNBN-environment has undergone some changes. Especially the way to order or add a standard to your collection. Next to our NBN catalog, you can browse for ASTM or electrotechnical documents (Belgian and European). Also the ISO standards are at your fingertips. Other standards can still be ordered with a simple demand.

Do you have any suggestions to improve our platform? Do you have any questions? Call us on +32 27 38 01 01 or send an e-mail to

The NBN-team.

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